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Thanks to all who participated in the Vicbrew 2022.

There were 297 entries judged and 143 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show winner(s) have not been posted yet. Please check back later.

Winning Entries

Table 1: Low Alcohol (12 entries)

1stCraig BatesMiddy Pils106: Czech Pale Lager [BJCP 3A]Melbourne Brewers [Australia]
2ndJohn KingstonGreen Dot 397105: German Leichtbier [BJCP 5A]Westgate Brewers [Australia]
3rdMichael BowronCpl106: Czech Pale Lager [BJCP 3A]Westgate Brewers [Australia]

Table 2: Pale Lager (17 entries)

1stPaul ChapmanPauls Pils207: German Pils [BJCP 5D]Macedon Ranges Brew Club [Australia]
2ndCraig Tabb1207: German Pils [BJCP 5D]Westgate Brewers [Australia]
3rdJohn KingstonOrange Dot Mh204: International Pale Lager [BJCP 2A]Westgate Brewers [Australia]

Table 3: Amber and Dark Lager (17 entries)

1stBrett Tyrrell146309: Dunkles Bock [BJCP 6C]Bayside Brewers [Australia]
2ndMichael BowronWtf Lager304: Vienna Lager [BJCP 7A]Westgate Brewers [Australia]
3rdMark BotheThe Tardy German305: Marzen [BJCP 6A]Way Out West [Australia]

Table 4: Pale Ale (11 entries)

1stMichael BowronBpa404: Belgian Pale Ale [BJCP 24B]Westgate Brewers [Australia]
2ndNikolaj JenterBier Met K403: Kolsch [BJCP 5B]
3rdAndras FehervariAus Sparkling Ale405: Australian Sparkling Ale [BJCP 12B]Bayside Brewers [Australia]

Table 5: American Pale Ale (11 entries)

1stDaniel Abernethy
Co-Brewer: Simon Abernethy
Triple Crown501: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]Bayside Brewers [Australia]
2ndJulian RobinsonApa Jules Style501: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]Merri Mashers [Australia]
3rdRobert SchonfelderPascoe Pale Ale501: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]

Table 6: Bitter Ale (11 entries)

1stMark ConnorsAlt605: Altbier [BJCP 7B]Merri Mashers [Australia]
2ndRobert SchonfelderBest Bitter603: Best Bitter [BJCP 11B]
3rdSam PeartBatch #34604: American Amber Ale [BJCP 19A]

Table 7: Brown Ale (8 entries)

1stJohn KeskeCd Brown706: American Brown Ale [BJCP 19C]Melbourne Brewers [Australia]
2ndPaul VerbeekSticky Brown705: British Brown Ale [BJCP 13B]Small Batch Home Brew Club [Australia]
3rdJames ModrichToby Shaw Red Ale703: Irish Red Ale [BJCP 15A]

Table 8: Porter (6 entries)

1stJulian RobinsonNever Mind the Baltics803: Baltic Porter [BJCP 9C]Merri Mashers [Australia]
2ndLachlan WalshBlack Dog802: American Porter [BJCP 20A]Macedon Ranges Brew Club [Australia]
3rdSam PeartBatch #33803: Baltic Porter [BJCP 9C]

Table 9: Stout (12 entries)

1stAndras FehervariIrish Extra Stout904: Irish Extra Stout [BJCP 15C]Bayside Brewers [Australia]
2ndJohn O'DriscollMarty Waugh's Oatmeal Stout VIII 903: Oatmeal Stout [BJCP 16B]Melbourne Brewers [Australia]
3rdJulian RobinsonExtra Irish Stouty904: Irish Extra Stout [BJCP 15C]Merri Mashers [Australia]

Table 10: Strong Stout (15 entries)

1stMatt ZuerrerThe First Darkness1002: Foreign Extra Stout [BJCP 16D]Merri Mashers [Australia]
2ndBryce Van DenderenImperial Stout1004: Imperial Stout [BJCP 20C]Bayside Brewers [Australia]
3rdMark BotheBig Old Stout 1004: Imperial Stout [BJCP 20C]Way Out West [Australia]

Table 11: India Pale Ale (12 entries)

1stDaniel Abernethy
Co-Brewer: Simon Abernethy
Armageddon1102: American IPA [BJCP 21A]Bayside Brewers [Australia]
2ndChris SchwinghamerAmerican IPA1102: American IPA [BJCP 21A]Merri Mashers [Australia]
3rdDaniel HeissRaindrop IPA1102: American IPA [BJCP 21A]

Table 12: Specialty IPA (28 entries)

1stJack Maccauley
Co-Brewer: Ellie Cope
Red Leader1203: Red IPA [BJCP 21B] Merri Mashers [Australia]
2ndSeb DworkinRye IPA1205: Rye IPA [BJCP 21B]
3rdGrace SartaBlack IPA Mk II1207: Black IPA [BJCP 21B] Merri Mashers [Australia]

Table 13: Wheat and Ryle Ale (11 entries)

1stShivam TandonWheat Wine (wn)1307: Wheatwine [BJCP22D]
2ndAnne SheaRoggenbier1304: Roggenbier [BJCP 27]Merri Mashers [Australia]
3rdBryce Van DenderenWheatwine1307: Wheatwine [BJCP22D]Bayside Brewers [Australia]

Table 14: Sour Ale (19 entries)

1stJohn KingstonWhite Dot Krek1406: Fruit Lambic [BJCP 23F] Westgate Brewers [Australia]
2ndGrace SartaFlanders Brown1407: Oud Bruin [BJCP 23C]Merri Mashers [Australia]
3rdMark ConnorsFlanders Red1403: Flanders Red Ale [BJCP 23B]Merri Mashers [Australia]

Table 15: Belgian Ale (38 entries)

1stJohn LambertCollendina Belgian Blond1504: Belgian Blond Ale [BJCP 25A]
2ndDavid HincheyTaking Your Time1507: Belgian Golden Strong Ale [BJCP 25C]Merri Mashers [Australia]
3rdChris SchwinghamerDouble Dubbel1505: Belgian Dubbel [BJCP 26B]Merri Mashers [Australia]

Table 16: Strong Ales and Lagers (11 entries)

1stMichael WhiteheadBatch 10, 20191601: Wee Heavy [BJCP 17C]Merri Mashers [Australia]
2ndJohn LambertCollendina Doppelbock1602: Doppelbock [BJCP 9A]
3rdBryce Van DenderenEnglish Barleywine1607: English Barleywine [BJCP 17D]Bayside Brewers [Australia]

Table 17: Fruit/Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer (14 entries)

1stHeath CampbellHeath Campbell1702: Spice Herb Vegetable Beer [BJCP 30A]
2ndJohn SheehanJohn Sheehan 1701: Fruit Beer [BJCP 29A] Bayside Brewers [Australia]
3rdChristopher HolmesCaffeinated Duck Lord1702: Spice Herb Vegetable Beer [BJCP 30A] Melbourne Brewers [Australia]

Table 18: Specialty Beer (22 entries)

1stBryce Van DenderenRauchbier1801: Rauchbier [BJCP 6B]Bayside Brewers [Australia]
2ndHayden HendersonTrying Something1804: Wood Aged Beer [BJCP 33A] Melbourne Brewers [Australia]
3rdMichael HornMorello Sour1806: Belgian Specialty Ale [AABC] Merri Mashers [Australia]

Table 19: Mead (11 entries)

1stAnne SheaGreat Cyser1904: Fruit Mead [BJCP M2] Merri Mashers [Australia]
2ndWayne HewettMountain Mead1902: Semi Sweet Mead [BJCP M1B]
3rdLawson Lindsay
Co-Brewer: Simon Lindsay
Lindsay Coffee Mead1907: Other Mead [BJCP M3B, M4B, M4C]

Table 20: Cider (11 entries)

1stMark HibberdOaked New World Cider2005: Other Cider/Perry [BJCP C2] Bayside Brewers [Australia]
2ndAnne SheaIce Cider2005: Other Cider/Perry [BJCP C2] Merri Mashers [Australia]
3rdMark HibberdIluka Cider2001: New World Cider [BJCP C1A]Bayside Brewers [Australia]