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Vicbrew 2023

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Thanks to all who participated in the Vicbrew 2023.

There were 354 entries judged and 146 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show winner(s) have not been posted yet. Please check back later.

Winning Entries

Table 1: LOW ALCOHOL (≤ 4% ABV) (14 entries)

1stJohn LambertOrdinary Bitter11A: Ordinary BitterBayside Brewers [Australia]
2ndEthan WardKreuzberg Before Breakfast23A: Berliner Weisse
3rdMatt StandfieldRbc Dark Mild13A: Dark MildBayside Brewers [Australia]

Table 2: PALE LAGER (33 entries)

1stGeoff DonnellonBackshed Dab5C: German Helles Exportbier
2ndLuke GilchristPilsner 5D: German Pils
3rdBrett Tyrrell176 German Pils5D: German PilsBayside Brewers [Australia]

Table 3: AMBER & DARK LAGER (27 entries)

1stBryce Van DenderenRauchbier6B: RauchbierBayside Brewers [Australia]
2ndJosh PetersonCzech Dark Lager3D: Czech Dark LagerMerri Mashers [Australia]
3rdEthan WardStorm Clouds Over Munich8A: Munich Dunkel

Table 4: PALE ALE (17 entries)

1stMatt StandfieldRbc Kolsch5B: KölschBayside Brewers [Australia]
2ndSharif SlametBottle Blonde18A: Blonde AleMerri Mashers [Australia]
3rdSharif SlametAmanda Lorian12A: British Golden AleMerri Mashers [Australia]

Table 5: AMERICAN PALE ALE (12 entries)

1stTroy PoulierSpring Break18B: American Pale AleBayside Brewers [Australia]
2ndMatt ZuerrerJust Another Pale Ale18B: American Pale AleMerri Mashers [Australia]
3rdSharif SlametYet Another Pale Ale18B: American Pale AleMerri Mashers [Australia]

Table 6: IPA (18 entries)

1stMichael HornDouble IPA 202222A: Double IPAMerri Mashers [Australia]
2ndPaul VerbeekKarl's 50th Special21A: American IPAMerri Mashers [Australia]
3rdMatt StandfieldRbc IPA21A: American IPABayside Brewers [Australia]

Table 7: SPECIALTY IPA (21 entries)

1stScott TrainorBig Black IPA21B2: Black IPA
2ndMichael CurrieHazy IPA21C: Hazy IPAMerri Mashers [Australia]
3rdJoshua Ceccato
Co-Brewer: Kahlia Richardson
Rudolf's Lil' Ripa21B4: Red IPA Bayside Brewers [Australia]

Table 8: AMBER ALE (9 entries)

1stMatt StandfieldRbc Best Bitter11B: Best BitterBayside Brewers [Australia]
2ndPaul VerbeekCrystal Palace19A: American Amber AleMerri Mashers [Australia]
3rdJohn LambertAltbier7B: AltbierBayside Brewers [Australia]

Table 9: BROWN ALE (9 entries)

1stPaul VerbeekSticky Brown13B: British Brown AleMerri Mashers [Australia]
2ndMarcus KennonRusty Sheriff's Badge19C: American Brown AleWay out West [Australia]
3rdGrace SartaTop O' the Mornin15A: Irish Red AleMerri Mashers [Australia]

Table 10: PORTER (17 entries)

1stCraig BatesPortana20A: American PorterMelbourne Brewers [Australia]
2ndShane MurphyLondon Porter13C: English Porter
3rdScott TrainorAmerican Porter20A: American Porter

Table 11: STOUT (12 entries)

1stMichael CurrieMilk Stout16A: Sweet StoutMerri Mashers [Australia]
2ndWalter MedenbachIrish Stout15B: Irish StoutWestgate Brewers [Australia]
3rdChan-Sien LaySweet Stout16A: Sweet StoutBayside Brewers [Australia]

Table 12: STRONG STOUT (14 entries)

1stBrett ElliottBris 202120C: Imperial StoutBayside Brewers [Australia]
2ndMark BotheDiminished Responsibility 20C: Imperial StoutWay out West [Australia]
3rdJohn SheehanJohn Sheehan 16D: Foreign Extra StoutBayside Brewers [Australia]

Table 13: WHEAT & RYE BEER (19 entries)

1stJohn SheehanJohn Sheehan 10A: WeissbierBayside Brewers [Australia]
2ndJo SkuseRed Smog27A8: Roggenbier
3rdBryce Van DenderenWheatwine22D: WheatwineBayside Brewers [Australia]

Table 14: BELGIAN ALE (29 entries)

1stEthan WardMuscles From Brussels25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale
2ndChristopher HolmesTripel Down26C: Belgian TripelMelbourne Brewers [Australia]
3rdMatt CollinsonBier de Garde24C: Bière de Garde Westgate Brewers [Australia]

Table 15: STRONG ALE & LAGER (26 entries)

1stMichael Bowron2019 Bw17D: English Barley WineWestgate Brewers [Australia]
2ndBrett TyrrellJurgen Bock6C: Dunkels BockBayside Brewers [Australia]
3rdBryce Van DenderenBarleywine17D: English Barley WineBayside Brewers [Australia]

Table 16: SOUR & WILD ALE (19 entries)

1stCraig Ditcham58 Flan23B: Flanders Red AleBayside Brewers [Australia]
2ndHayden HendersonOld Funky23D: LambicMelbourne Brewers [Australia]
3rdMichael HornMorello Sour23F: Fruit Lambic Merri Mashers [Australia]

Table 17: FRUIT & SPICE BEER (15 entries)

1stEthan WardOh Ja! Sehr Pink!29A: Fruit Beer
2ndChristopher HolmesImperial Choc Aniseed Vanilla Porter30D: Specialty Spice Beer Melbourne Brewers [Australia]
3rdChristopher HolmesCaffeinated Duck Lord30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Melbourne Brewers [Australia]

Table 18: SPECIALTY BEER (20 entries)

1stMark BotheLiterally A Big Brew33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Way out West [Australia]
2ndSeb DworkinAged Belgian Amber34B: Mixed-Style Beer
3rdHayden HendersonRound 233A: Wood-Aged Beer Melbourne Brewers [Australia]

Table 19: MEAD (12 entries)

1stAnne SheaIce CyserM2A: CyserMerri Mashers [Australia]
2ndThomas CresswellNature Enter MeadM2E: Melomel
3rdMichael GuenzelShould've Been DeletedM1B: Semi-Sweet MeadMelbourne Brewers [Australia]

Table 20: CIDER & PERRY (11 entries)

1stCameron EldridgeCiderC1A: New World CiderMerri Mashers [Australia]
2ndAnne SheaIce CiderC2D: Ice Cider Merri Mashers [Australia]
3rdJack Maccauley
Co-Brewer: Ellie MacCauley
Xmas In October?C2E: Cider with Herbs/Spices Merri Mashers [Australia]